When a trade union strike or industrial action is announced that is directed at your company (or even near your business premises) you should consider the safety of your staff, assets and property.

Be prepared, be proactive. Talk to us about a detailed plan of action tailored around your business’ requirements. Contact Howard@sscinfo.co.za for more information today. SSC’s Strike Force Protection Unit offers a complete solution to ensure business continuity during industrial action.

SSC’s Strike Force Protection Unit services include:

  • Crowd control specialists
  • Close protection teams
  • Business continuity plans
  • Pre-emptive securing of your premises
  • Video recording teams
  • Undercover agents infiltrating strikers’ group
  • Armed escorts
  • Medical Response teams
  • SAP, Metro liaison

Strike Force Protection Unit has over 25 years of experience working in volatile strike situations. Our main objective is always to prevent injury and damage, while ensuring you can still trade as well as to diffuse the volatile situation during a strike.