In times of an economic downturn, crime increases. Staff may be pressured by extended families to help out and provide. The frequency and value of goods stolen will increase over time as their processes and networks are refined. You will need to gather enough intelligence and evidence to stem the syndicate operating in all levels of your company – this is where our Undercover Agents can be of assistance.

What our Undercover Agents can gather intelligence on:

  • Health & Safety – Are your employees following processes and procedures?
  • Theft – Stock disappearing or damaged on purpose?
  • Collusion – Are your staff colluding with security personnel or other parties?
  • Labour Matters – What are the unions planning? Are there any strikes or sabotages planned? What is the attitude towards you, the employer?

You need intelligence that only Undercover Agents could gather as part of your workforce.

How does it work?

  • We recruit an Undercover Agent that will blend in with your own workforce’s demographics and can perform normal work duties
  • We provide training to the Undercover Agents and practicals
  • Each undercover agent is equipped with a phone with our reporting software and a watch to report instant information.
  • The Undercover Agent is then placed within your workforce as a normal employee.
  • The Undercover Agent then monitors and observes fellow employees and report on irregularities.
  • All suspicious activities and transgressions are logged via our secure online application, Meerkat.
  • Undercover Agents are debriefed on a weekly basis so as to extract more information. They can also report high priority information and the client will be notified immediately.

What our Undercover Agents can and cannot do

  • Our first tier agents will not testify at hearings or legal proceedings.
  • Our second tier agents can testify at hearings and legal proceedings.
  • They cannot “blow cover” at work because they are well trained.
  • Our agents will take note of all details during incidents and log it via our reporting software on their phones.

What type of information can you expect?

We pride ourselves on reporting software, Meerkat.

  • All information is logged via a secure online application by the undercover agent
  • Intelligence contains dates, times, parties involved and incident descriptions
  • High priority information is available while it is still actionable
  • Information is reviewed at SSC H/O
  • Agents are also debriefed on a weekly basis to gather additional intelligence
  • Our reports show which types of incidents occurred on a floorplan of your property as well as the number and different types of incidents

Why us?

Our agents can log incidents via a secure application, Meerkat. This information will contain valuable intelligence that can assist in identify key troublemakers and labour issues within your company in a timely manner.

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