Corporate Investigations & Intelligence

Our corporate investigations and intelligence division covers the following:

  • Undercover Agents
    Do you know the new and devious ways employees are stealing from your organization or when there is deep rooted anger brewing on the labour front? With the highly trained and experienced undercover agents from Security Service Consultants, you can get real time, proactive feedback from within your workforce. If you want to reduce the risks and losses and improve your bottom line profit, the deployment of these specialists is a necessity.
  • Industrial Espionage Investigations
    An investigation is the art of turning intelligence into evidence. We undertake surveillance, and follow up on intelligence provided by undercover agents. We also use the latest technology in covert cameras and tracking devices to assist us in our investigations.
  • Corporate & Product Strategy
    SSC accepts assignments for specific commercial circumstances relating to enterprise and/or product level strategies for market entry or competitive intensity.
  • Corporate Structure / Ownership / Antecedents
    SSC provides in date statutory information relating to current and historical ownerships of businesses together with Group level status e.g. subsidiary or associate and positive or negative inter related relationships with other businesses.
  • Corporate & Management Compliance / Forensic Audits
    SSC undertakes investigations concerning levels of compliance with local and/or international legal requirements e.g. FCPA, audits, statutory returns etc. These studies can be extended to include emphasis on supplier, credit risk capacity, agency appointment, JV, acquisition or M&A suitability. Forensic audits are also undertaken where fraud, corruption or misconduct are suspected or where periodic systems reviews are required.
  • Political Risk
    SSC provides guidance relating to general and, concerning the client’s more specific business posture, more tailored responses about political risk, corporate governance requirements and corruption levels in Sub Saharan countries.
  • Corporate & Product Reputation & Viability Issues
    SSC conducts integrity due diligence investigations and research on the track records, reputations, political exposures and overall backgrounds of existing or potential business partners – at enterprise, management and product levels. SSC also provides researched opinions on the going concern stability or viability of businesses and products.
  • Corporate Research - Forensic, Market, Competitive
    SSC conducts general reviews of a subjects market and competitive strengths and weaknesses together with market perceptions of the subject and its management/directors.
  • Personnel & Team Screening / Profiles
    SSC provides personnel screening – at staff, management and executive levels – for a widearray of purposes e.g. integrity, promotion, employment, partnership. SSC also provides life style audits where it is suspected that an employee is living beyond his/her means and misconduct or potential performance failure is suspected or anticipated.
  • Missing Persons
    SSC has a very high success ratio in the tracing and/or location of missing persons resident in SADC Region countries.
  • Litigation Support
    SSC conducts research and sources data, information or intelligence to support civil and/or criminal litigation procedures